Math Circles – Mentorship and Partnership Program 2018-2019

Are you…

  • Looking to start a new Math Circle?
  • Interested in co-planning Math Circle sessions?
  • Curious about cross-testing Math Circle materials with another Math Circle?
  • In need of funding to sustain your Math Circle?
  • Seeking to connect with the larger Math Circle community to re-energize?
  • Eager to have a chance to partner with another Math Circle to deepen your own Math Circle practices?
  • An experienced Math Circle leader who is looking to contribute to the Math Circle community?

Then apply for the Math Circles – Mentorship and Partnership Program!

We are seeking energetic and passionate teams who are looking to start a Math Circle and participate in virtual mentoring as well as established Math Circle leaders who are eager to engage in virtual peer groups with other Math Circle leaders to deepen their Math Circle practices. This year we are also supporting (optional) partnership teams who will contribute to the development of high-priority materials for the broader Math Circle community. We require only one application per Math Circle team.

If accepted, you will…

  • Earn $500 for your Math Circle
  • Join a vibrant community of Math Circles leaders across the U.S.
  • Choose to apply for a travel grant (pending funding)
  • Have the opportunity to be involved in additional projects, including
    • Cross-testing session activities with other Math Circles
    • Developing a template for well-tested Math Circle sessions with instructor notes
    • Video recording a Math Circle session for NAMC instructor training purposes
    • Preparing articles or peer-reviewed publications related to Math Circles

Apply here.

Priority deadline August 24

Download the MC-MAP 2018-2019 Announcement Flyer.