2011 Circle on the Road Planning

This page contains links to the wiki pages that were used in developing the mathematical activities that were part of the mathematics festival at the 2011
circle on the road. We hope that the ability to view the process of developing the activities is useful.

2011 Circle on the Road circle sessions and team leaders

Team Leaders Apprentices Topic Grade Level
Jim Tanton/
Anna Burago
Michael Nakamaye,
Dan Finkel, Ruiling Wang
Pile Splitting 6-12
Sam Vandervelde Katherine Cook, Ming Jack Po, Tingting Ma Multiplication Graphs 6-10
Amanda Serenevy Judith Covington, Alex Zivkovic The Great Popcorn Prank 5-8
Emily Mccullough/ Julia Brodsky Maria Droujkova, Ashley Ahlin Playing with Parity K-5
Joshua Zucker Ina Loobeek, Vinton Geistfeld, Gloria Brown Brooks Circles of Differences 6-12+T
Japheth Wood/
David Hankin
Elizabeth Parizh Game of Nim 4-8
Silva Chang Leszek Gawarecki, Maria Acosta, Marta Eso Origami 4-8
Harold Reiter In-Jae Kim, Moon Lee KenKen 5-10
Mary O’Keeffe Andrew Ma, Shira Polster, Brandy Wiegers Pythagorean Fractal Auctions 6-8
Matthias Kawski/
Michael Hall
Linda Green, Martin Montgomery, Nina Otterson Tiling and induction 6-12+T
Philip Yasskin Monika Vo, Joanne Kimball Sherman Map Coloring 5-12 + T
Lee Windsperger Daniel Ullman, Katharine Ott Regions of a Circle and Difference Equations T
Tatiana Shubin Sergiy Koshkin, Emily Landes Any Conic Section T