Silva Chang took the lead in developing this circle session on Origami for the 2011 Circle on the Road workshop.

Mathematical Origami: PHiZZ Dodecahedron

In this session we learned how to make a dodecahedron using Tom Hull’s PHiZZ modular origami units.

We begin with a discussion of the Platonic solids.

  • What is a Platonic solid?
  • Why are there only five solids?
  • How many vertices, faces and edges does each solid have?

Then we will make PHiZZ units and learn how to join them together to make a dodecahedron.

Apprentices: Leszek Gawarecki, Maria Acosta, Marta Eso

Audience: This session is for middle schoolers who have a basic knowledge of geometry concepts like angles and polygons. Older students who would like to learn how to make PHiZZ origami sculptures are also welcome.

dodecahedron handout.pdf