Playing with Parity

Emily McCullough and Julia Brodsky took the lead in developing this circle session on Parity for the 2011 Circle on the Road workshop.

Apprentices: Maria Droujkova, Ashley Ahlin

Title: Playing with Parity

Target Audience: K-3

Abstract: The parity of an integer is the integer’s “even-ness” or “odd-ness”. So the parity of 2, 6 and -100 is even and the parity of 3, -7 and 101 is odd.

In the Playing with Parity Circle, students learn about parity through playing games and learning magic tricks. The Circle is an opportunity for students to play with and explore parity – to deepen their understanding of what it means for a number to be even or to be odd, and to draw connections between the games and the games’ various uses of parity as a mathematical tool and concept.

A lesson plan is attached. The attached list of problems is the real gem, and it is the heart of this lesson.

The following video shows Julia, Emily and Ashley running this session:


Parity Lesson Plan.pdf
Parity Problems.pdf