2011 Circle on the Road Workshop Videos

Compare and Contrast Math Circles Panel

Mark Saul – Moderator, Tatiana Shubin, Titu Andreescu,
Xuan Ma, Joshua Zucker, Amanda Serenevy

Slides about the PI Math Circle are available at:

Sample Math Circle Session: Chromatic Numbers and More

Tatiana Shubin

An intergalactic expedition discovers a uniquely dazzling world. Every point of its
universe has its own color so it is stunningly beautiful. The magnanimous inhabitants of
the world are more than willing to give their magic paints to the Earthlings to take back
and paint our own space. There is only one little complication: if any two points of the
same color are exactly one mile apart an explosive reaction is triggered. Still, people from
Earth want to use the opportunity. Of course, due to extremely limited space on their
starship, they have to take the minimal number of colors which would allow them to paint
all our space without causing any explosions. What would that number be? At this
session we’ll try to help them decide; and will discover some very interesting things
along the way.

Gamification and Alternate Reality Games

Maria Droujkova

Math Clubs and Their Social Aspect: A View Inside and Out

Elizabeth Parizh

Many children today are put off from participating in math activities because it is not
popular among school kids. I will describe my own experiences as both a coach and a
student in such math clubs, and explains what it is like for kids, and especially girls. I find that this is a very important problem that needs to be solved, because these students are America’s future and need to be prepared to help their country prosper. And yes, this does require math.

Slides from this talk are available at:


How Can (or Should) Math Circles be Tied to the Curriculum? Panel

Matthias Kawski – Moderator, Dave Auckly, Mark Saul,
Lee Windsperger, David Hankin, Tatiana Shubin, Cat McKay

My Favorite Workshops

Vi Hart

Slides from this talk are available at:

Good Activities for Math Circles Panel

Brandy Wiegers – Moderator, Julia Brodsky, Anna Burago,
Pat Jones, Razvan Gelca

Julia’s slides are at:

Problems kids love to solve.pdf

Anna’s 4th and 5th grade problem slides are at:

Anna’s time filler problem slides are at:

The time fillers.pdf
The Orange County Math Circle – A *student organized* circle

Jonathan Li, Alex Zivkovic, Andrew Ma

This presentation will cover
– The history of OCMC – Johnny’s road to getting it started
– The volunteers – how we get them, who they are, what they do
– The tournaments, the Santa Ana Math Club, and the AMC8/Mathcounts Preparation
– Seminars – what they consist of, how we organize them, Publicity and Fundraising

Slides from this talk are available at:


Always be Prepared

Brandy Wiegers

Math Circles should be fun and engaging. To keep it this way it is important to be
prepared with a box of tricks and some quick plans for the worst case scenario. In this
session we’ll discuss what we keep in our Math Circle Box of Supplies, important legal
aspects of working with minors including adult to student ratios and the buddy system.
We’ll conclude the session discussing participant waivers and plans for emergencies.
With a little bit of work we can all be more prepared to ensure that we never need to use our emergency plan. This way we can get back to math and everyone can have fun!