Group Dance/Art

David Brown took the lead on this activity for the 2012 Circle on the Road festival.


PLANNING ABSTRACT: We will introduce some basic group theory via physical body movement, symmetry and the use of manipulatives. We will try to create an on-line gallery to post after the event.

APPRENTICES: Brandy Wiegers, Semra Kilic-Bahi, Sage Moore

This will have a ppt presentation on symmetry and Frieze patterns. It will also have
a set of foam gym mat tiles patterned with Conway’s footprints to guide students in creating “silly walks” in the fashion of the following YouTube clip which would also be oh-so-great to be able to display for students:

Frieze Patterns Part 1.pdf
Frieze Patterns Part 2-1.pdf
Frieze Patterns Part 2-2.pdf 
Frieze Patterns Part 3.pdf
Frieze Patterns Part 4.pdf