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2015 MC-MAP Training Workshop

MC-MAP Training Workshop
Date: September 10-12, 2015.
Location: University of Colorado Denver in Downtown Denver, CO.

The next version of Circle on the Road, the MC-MAP Training Workshops will provide a focused training for new Circle leaders that will start them on a year-long partnership program with monthly check-ins to help get their Circle off the ground.

Workshop Schedule

Thursday Sept 10, Workshop Begins (3:00 pm)
Friday Sept 11, Julia Robinson Math Festival
Saturday Sept 12, Workshop Ends (2:30 pm)

A full workshop schedule is posted here (.pdf)

Math Circle presentations will include Josh Zucker and Amanda Serenevy.
Amanda's Handouts:
Boomerang Fractions Handout (.pdf),
Candy Sharing Directions Handout (.pdf),
Protein Folding Handout (.pdf),
Lockhart's Lament (.pdf),

MC-MAP is a program of the National Association of Math Circles, and is funded by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, National Security Agency, and National Science Foundation.

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