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Circle on the Road 2016 - Presentations

Saturday: Welcome, Parallel Session 1, Plenary 1 (Zaharpol), Parallel Session 2, Plenary 2 (Cwikla).
Sunday: Plenary 3 (Pantano), Small Group Sessions, Parallel Session 3, Conclusion.


Intro to Math Circles
Brandy - Tiling


Welcome (NAMC). Slides
Ignite: The Bard Math Circle. Speaker: Japheth Wood.Slides
Ignite: The Metroplex Math Circle. Speaker: Titu Andreescu. Slides
Ignite: An overview of Roots2grow's projects. Speaker: Rita Ball.Slides

Parallel Session 1:
Geometry through Guided Inquiry. Speaker: David Clark: Paper and presentation.
College Outreach to Middle & High Schools. Speaker: Debra Bienert. YouTube Video.
Math Circles of Chicago: Lessons about Scale and Equity. Speaker: Douglas O'Roark, Math Circles of Chicago. YouTube Video, presentation slides, and handout.

Plenary Session 1: Zaharpol
Ignite: Math Circles at Public Schools in "Underserved" Neighborhoods. Speaker: Frances Stern Slides
Ignite: Creating a love of mathematical exploration with reluctant learners in a diverse, K-12 population. Speaker: Lorraine Garrison Slides
Ignite: MathPickle - Get Your Students in Pickle. Speaker: Lora Saarnio. Slides
Developing Warm Mathematical Relationships With Students from Diverse Backgrounds. Speaker: Daniel Zaharopol. Slides

Parallel Session 2:

Plenary Session 2: Cwilka
Ignite: 1001 Math Circles. Speaker: Maria Droujkova. Slides
Ignite: Emory's Week of Mathematical Exploration. Speaker: Sarah Trebat-Leder. Slides
Ignite: A fun, easy-to-run elementary math club. Speaker: Aaron Hill. Slides


Plenary Session 3: Pantano Slides
Navajo Math Circle trailer
Ignite: Involving Students in Math Circle Leadership. Speakers: Rodi and Rachel Steinig. Slides
Ignite: Finding Math in inner city schools and communities: Successes, Challenges, and the Future. Speakers: Berna Falay Ok and Phil Dituri.Slides

Small Group Sessions:

Parallel Session 3:
Ignite: A New MTC in Rural Colorado: Successes and Challenges. Speaker: Pamela Smith.YouTube
Ignite: Breaking Numbers Into Parts. Speaker: Olga Radko.Slides
Ignite: A Circle at a Distance. Speaker: Skona Brittain.Slides

Ignite. Speaker: Brandy Wiegers. YouTube Video, Slides.