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Fall 2012 NAMC Newsletter

Welcome to Fall 2012 NAMC News including:

(1) Reminder - Update your Math Circle information
(2) Introduction of the NAMC Advisory Committee
(3) Funding Opportunities
(i)Circle on the Road Workshop - apply to host!
(ii)Math Circle Grant - Due Oct 1
(iii)Math Circle Tournament program
(4) Math Circles at the 2013 Joint Math Meetings
(5) Host a Gathering for Gardner
(6) Math Circle Communities
(7) A Math Circle Problem - to get you to the end of the email

See below for more information...

First order of business - update your Math Circle information
We currently have 145 Math Circles listed on our website.
If you organize one of these Circles please make sure your information is up-to-date
This is the number one way for students and teachers to find you! If your circle is now inactive, please do not delete it. Instead, put a note that it is now inactive.

NAMC Advisory Committee
We are proud to introduce our NAMC Advisory Committee, the leaders of the NAMC Math Circle movement. These leaders are assisting with website development, Math Circle programs like Circle on the Road, and so much more.
Visit the website to meet the NAMC Advisory Committee

If you are interested in joining a NAMC Advisory Committee or SubCommittee, Contact us!

Funding Opportunities

Math Circles at the 2013 Joint Math Meetings
Visit the website for more information about Math Circle events at the 2013 JMM

Including: SIGMAA MCST Poster Session, Friday Jan 11, 2013 at 1:00-4:00.
For information about submitting a poster/ activity abstract visit the website (due Oct 10).

Host a Gathering for Gardner
I'd like to suggest that you attend or host a Gathering for Gathering Celebration of Mind party and register it on the G4G-com website. I've attended two such gatherings and hosted one G4G CoMs in the past two years, all of which were memorable and special in their own unique ways. If you aren't familiar with Martin Gardner, you are likely to be familiar with people and things he popularized, e.g., Escher, Conway's Game of Life, flexagons, Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter, determining the day of the week on a particular date, Möbius strips, Scott Kim's Inversions.

Through his books and especially his columns in Scientific American, Gardner made mathematics accessible to many, including some who have gone on to significant work in mathematics and mathematical exposition. -- From Remembering Martin Gardner

The following is adapted from Plus Magazine --
Martin Gardner, who inspired generations of mathematicians with his recreational maths, sadly passed away in May 2010 at the age of 95. He wanted no memorials, but he expressed a desire for the Gatherings for Gardner to continue - these were events held every two years in his honor, exploring all kinds of topics that would interest him, mathematics, science, art, magic, puzzles and more.

In this spirit the 21st of October 2012, which would have been Gardner's 98th birthday, will see a global Celebration of Mind in his honor. Events will take place in different locations around the world. You're invited to join this celebration party by signing up to attend an event in your area, or take the lead to organise and host a celebration party yourself. There are endless opportunities to host an event and introduce others to the wonders of an eternally curious mind. To find out about events in your area and organising one yourself, visit the Celebration of Mind website.

Regardless of whether you are familiar with and/or a fan of Martin Gardner, I invite you to join with me and attend or host a Celebration of Mind on or near October 21, 2012 and encourage your friends to do the same.

To learn more visit the Gathering for Gardner website,

Math Circle Communities
More community features are soon to come to the website but while you’re waiting join us for 2 community interactions.
Circle of Circles Group
Facebook Page

Math Circle Problem:
Is it possible to put 25 pennies on a table so each penny touches exactly three?
Hint: See the balloon math lesson plan on the NAMC site.

To see more Math Circle News and Upcoming Events visit the website,