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Math Circle Grants
The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) accepts applications throughout the year for three different NAMC Grants: Seed Grants, Continuing Program Grants, and Exchange Grants. These applications are reviewed on a biannual basis.

Application deadlines are September 1 and February 1.

To apply for any of these grants we ask you to provide a Federal Tax ID (TIN) for the organization that will manage the funds. College Departments, Schools, or Parent-Teacher Organizations usually have such numbers. If you can not get a TIN let us know, and we may still be able to help you. Additionally please note that our grants are currently only available to support United States programs.

Seed Program / Continuing Program Grants:
Seed program / Continuing program grants are available for up to \$2,000.00 to help form or expand Math Circle programs. For example, these funds may be used as stipends for session instructors or for program supplies.
To apply for Seed Program/ Continuing program Circle Grant
Please submit your application, online.
The application will include the following types of questions:

  • When the Math Circle was originally formed (or when will it start).
  • The audience of the Circle e.g. teachers, enriched students in grades 6-8, students recruited from Central High School.
  • Location and the number of meetings planned for the year.
  • Key personnel and background.
  • Several planned session topics.
  • A description of how the funds will be used and discussion of how future funding will be sought.
  • Note: Programs seeking Continuing Grants are required to have previous Grants Final Reports on file AND the url of a new lesson plan uploaded to the NAMC web site by the Circle Director.

If you have questions or problems with the application please send an e-mail to

Math Circle Exchange grants:
Circle Exchange Grants provide up to \$500 to offset travel expenses for a Math Circle leader from one Circle to visit/lead a different Host Circle.
To apply for a Circle Exchange Grant:
Send a request of your exchange plan including bio/cv of the Circle leader that will be doing the exchange along with a description of the host Math Circle they will be visiting. This application should be emailed to .
Please note: the Host Circle must be registered with the NAMC. Please include the Host Circle's URL in the application.

Application Review Process
Applications are accepted year round and will be evaluated on a bi-annual basis. The deadlines are September 1 and February 1. Applications will be reviewed and decisions emailed within 1 month of these deadlines.

Grant Requirements
Math Circle sites that receive a MSRI NAMC Grant will be required to document the impact of the Math Circle grant in a timely manner, as communicated when the grant is received. Additionally the Grant payments will be dictated by MSRI policy.

Previous Grant Recipients
Click here! to learn about past Grant projects and contact past recipients.