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Spring 2015 NAMC News

Please see the attached .pdf for NAMC News including...

National Math Circle Pledge

I solemnly swear that if I already know the answer to the math problem I will not yell it out loud so those around me can experience the joy of learning.

This is a great way to start your Circle if you’re worried about some students having already seen the material. Thank you Cody Patterson for this great idea!

Director’s Corner

As I near the end of my first full semester as the Director of NAMC, I’d like to update you on our progress and plans. This spring semester has certainly been a busy one for the NAMC leadership. Brandy Wiegers, the Associate Director, and I have been hard at work meeting with individuals in the Math Circle Community, setting our priorities for the next few years, submitting grants, fundraising, discussing possible conference and research grants with the NSF, conducting research on Math Circles, and setting up the Math Circle - Mentorship and Partnership Program.

Plans for the Future
For the near future, our primary focus is on supporting Math Circle leaders in all aspects of their work - from the not-so-exciting administrative aspects, to the much-more-exciting aspects of finding intriguing mathematical problems and working directly with participants to facilitate the learning of mathematics and mathematical problem solving. We know the latter is by far what most of you prefer, and so we want to assist as much as possible with the former. We want to ensure that we have training opportunities, as well as events to share best practices and lessons learned.

Math Circle - Mentorship and Partnership Program
Thanks to funding from the NSA, we will be starting a yearlong Math Circle - Mentorship and Partnership Program (MC-MAP) next year. We’ll kick this off with a three-day training workshop at the University of Colorado Denver from September 10-12, 2015. We’re actively seeking Math Circles in the active planning stages, or who are within their first two years, as well as mentors from established MCs, to participate in the program.

Stay In Touch!

I am excited about getting to better know each of you and your Math Circles. Please email for general information about NAMC, or to reach me directly. Please stay in touch!

Diana White
Director, National Association of Math Circles
Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver

April 18, 2015- National Math Festival in Washington DC

MSRI and the Institute for Advanced Study hosted the first National Math Festival on April 16-18, 2015 in Washington, D.C. This public celebration of mathematics included performances, hands-on demonstrations, lectures, and exhibitions. NAMC provided two demonstration Math Students’ Circle sessions, one led by Amanda Serenevy from the Riverbend Community Math Center and another by Emily McCullough from San Francisco State University.

Our thanks especially to the Fairfax Math Circle who provided students for the day!

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