National Association of Math Circles Wiki
Former NAMC Directors

We would like to thank the following Math Circle Leaders for their work to develop and guide the National Association of Math Circles. Their unending support of NAMC has brought it to where it is today.

Hugo Rossi, University of Utah (Fall 2014, Fall 2013)
Peter Trapa, University of Utah (Fall 2013-Summer 2014)
Brandy Wiegers, San Francisco State University (Fall 2012-Summer 2013)
Amanda Serenevy, Riverbend Community Center (Fall 2012- Summer 2013)
Dave Auckly, Kansas State University (2010-2012)
Joshua Zucker, Julia Robinson Math Festival (2009-2010),
Brandy Wiegers, University of California, Davis/ Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (2007-2009)

Dr. Hugo Rossi
Dr. Rossi has been involved with mathematical outreach for most of his career, most recently as director of the Mathematics and Science Education Center at the University of Utah.
Dr. Rossi received his Ph.D. in 1960 from MIT. After a postdoctoral position at the University of California, Berkeley, he spent four years at Princeton University. He worked for 11 years at Brandeis University before moving to the University of Utah in 1974, where he has remained since.
Dr. Rossi has served as the chair of the Mathematics Department and as Dean of the College of Science. In addition, he is an American Mathematical Society Fellow, and he has been the Vice-President of the American Mathematical Society, Deputy Director of MSRI, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of MSRI. His research interests have been in several complex variables, complex geometry and Lie group representations.

Dr. Peter Trapa
Dr. Trapa founded the Utah Math Circle in 2001 and has served as Director continuously since, with the exception of three year-long interruptions. He founded the Utah Math Teachers’ Circle in 2007. During the 2013-2014 Academic Year, he served as the Director of NAMC.

Dr. Trapa earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from MIT and held postdoctoral positions at Harvard and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton before joining the faculty at the University of Utah where he is now Professor and Chair. His research interests are in the representation theory of reductive groups.

Dr. Amanda Serenevy
Dr. Serenevy is the founding director of the Riverbend Community Math Center, which runs Math Circles and other mathematical outreach programs for students and teachers. She has been involved with Math Circles and the National Association of Math Circles for over 5 years.
Amanda regularly co-organizes events for mathematicians and teachers from around the country who are interested in starting their own outreach programs, and has mentored many new Math Circle leaders. Amanda earned her Ph.D. in mathematics in 2007 from Boston University, and her research interests include dynamical systems, mathematical neuroscience, mathematical origami, and geometric topology.

Dr. Dave Auckly
Dave Auckly earned his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan and then held a postdoctoral position at UT Austin followed by an NSF postdoc at UC Berkeley. He then moved to Kansas State University before taking the Associate Director position at MSRI. His research interests cover a broad range of geometry/topology and overlap with PDE, mathematical physics and algebraic geometry.

He has been very involved in many special educational programs. For example, he helped incorporate mathematics into a residential college at the University of Michigan, and created a unique `Brainstorming and Barnstorming' program at KSU.

He lights up like the Vegas strip when he talks about mathematics. Dave has directed around 30 undergraduate and graduate level research projects and he has been recognized with several teaching awards.

In addition to mathematics, Dave enjoys being silly with his wife and two little children. He also enjoys any time that he can spend in the mountains.

Joshua Zucker
Joshua Zucker is the founding director of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals, which bring deep, collaborative problem solving to a wide range of students. He discovered his love for number theory at Dr. Arnold Ross's summer program at Ohio State University a bit over 20 years ago. Joshua has been invited to the US Math Olympiad Summer Program, a member of the first US Physics Olympiad team, and a top-10 scorer on the Putnam. He holds a BS in physics and an MS in mathematics from Stanford, as well as an MS in astrophysics from UC Berkeley. He has taught at Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY), community colleges, and public and private high schools, before becoming a freelance math teacher.

In 2006, he helped begin the Math Teachers' Circle project at the American Institute of Mathematics. Joshua's work with math circles began in 1998 and he's now working with at least half a dozen different ones around the Bay Area (and occasionally as a guest farther afield). The proud father of three children, Joshua, in what spare time remains, enjoys Nikoli-style puzzles, cooking, juggling, bicycling, and playing Go.

Besides volunteering as a Teacher2Teacher Associate, Joshua enjoys working as Doctor Schwa for the Ask Dr. Math service where he practices giving as little help as possible so that students have the satisfaction of solving problems for themselves. "Be Less Helpful" is his motto these days!

Dr. Brandy Wiegers
Dr. Wiegers served as the founding Director of the National Association of Math Circles, serving in that capacity from 2007 to 2009 and again as Director during Academic Year 2012-2013. From 2014-2016 she served as the NAMC Associate Director and Assessment Specialist of the National Association of Math Circles. Dr. Brandy Wiegers is currently the Director of the Kittitas Valley Math Circle. She has also served as the Director of the San Francisco Math Circle, Oakland/East Bay Math Circle, Bay Area Circle for Teachers, and UC Davis Explore Math programs.

Dr. Wiegers has used her broad experience with Math Circles to create a national survey to evaluate the impact of students who participate in Math Circles. This evaluation tool was developed for the San Francisco Math Circle and is currently being adapted for use in the broader Math Circle community. Dr. Wiegers was also responsible for coordinating NAMC’s role in the 2015 “How to Run a Math Circle” mini-course. The materials developed for this course will be used to start the Math Circle Mentorship and Partnership training program for 2015-2016.

Dr. Wiegers received her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Davis in 2008. After her Ph.D. Dr. Wiegers worked on various STEM Outreach projects as a Project Director of Mathematical Outreach and Enrichment for the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley and San Francisco State University. This year Dr. Wiegers joined the faculty of Central Washington University and is currently working to create an broader Math Circle network in the Pacific Northwest.