Easy problems for beginning elementary school students

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Grade Vs Difficulty:


Mr. and Mrs. Boo have three daughters. Each of them have two brothers. How many children are in the family?

Ancient numbers

2500 years ago, in ancient Mesopotamia, ones were written as ∆, tens as ◄, and 60 as ▼. How would they write number 124 in Mesopotamia those days?

◄▼▼∆∆∆∆ B)▼▼◄◄∆∆∆∆ C)▼◄◄∆∆∆∆

D)▼∆∆∆◄◄▼ E)▼▼∆∆∆∆

Brick diagonal measurement

Tony has 3 bricks and a ruler. He wonders how to measure the diagonal AB of the brick with that ruler. How could he do that?

Three friends

Three friends live on the same street: a doctor, and engineer and a musician. Their names are Willy, Filly and Billy. The doctor has no siblings. He is the youngest among his friends. Willy is older than an engineer and he is married to sister of Filly.
Now fill in the following table and tell me who is who?

4. Handshakes

Eight kids, Zlata, Tony, Marie, Eva, Kira, Dana, Andrey, and Natalie shaked hands. How many handshakes there were overall?
Write down your answer, and then try it out.

Bonus fun: “ Guess my number” game
We will work in pairs. One student thinks of a 4-digit number ( no zeros) and writes it on a paper. Another student tries to guess it. After each guess, it is said how many digits are relevant, and how many stay in the proper place.