Mentorship and Partnership Program

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NAMC has long supported the development of new Math Circles financially, via access to suitable mathematical problems, and through hosting conferences. We have found that financial support alone is not sufficient to sustain the Math Circles community.


In Fall 2015, NAMC initiated the Math Circle – Mentorship and Partnership (MC-MAP) program, which supports all four aspects of the NAMC mission. The MC-MAP Program is NAMC’s formal mentoring program and the primary means by which it supports novice Math Circles.


Through this program, NAMC provides training and resources for novice Math Circle leaders in academic, pedagogical,  and administrative components of  starting and sustaining a Math Circle. Mentor Math Circles are long-established and historically successful Math Circle programs while Novice Math Circles are either new programs or recently established Math Circles.


“It was a delight to spend time with people who not only feel as I do, but also remind me (when the act of managing the logistics of work and daily life can make me lose sight of this), that exploring mathematics is an endless source of joy and wonder.”