2010 Joint Math Meeting

Dates: January 13-16, 2010
Location: San Francisco, CA

Website: http://www.ams.org/amsmtgs/2124_intro.html

The National Association of Math Circles will be sponsoring a booth in the JMM Exhibit Hall. Come visit us – Booth 208! We have NAMC frisbees, NAMC bookmarks, and much more information about the NAMC!
Other Events of Interest to Math Circle Community

  • Wednesday, January 13, 5:30-6:30pm. SIGMAA MCST Business
    Room 3004, 3rd Floor, Mascone Center

    • Welcome new officers, new chair and thank past officers.
    • Update new officers list and confirm contact information to send.
    • Other business matters: poster, newsletter, session details, other.
  • Thursday, January 14, 9:30 – 11:00am, Who wants to be a Mathematician.
    Room 3020, 3rd Floor, Moscone
  • Thursday, January 14, 1:00-4:15 pm, SIGMAA on Circles (SIGMAA MCST) Session 1: Fostering, supporting, and propogating Math Circles.
    Pacific J, Marriott San Francisco
  • Saturday, January 16, 1:00-4:15 pm, SIGMAA on Circles (SIGMAA MCST) Session 2
    Room 3008, 3rd Floor, Moscone